Healthcare is coming home!

Say Hello, to your home companion for elderly homecare to prevent social isolation and safety care

It’s our goal to help you maintain your wellbeing, while preventing mental and physical illness. This innovation ecosystem solution will help you with social isolation by monitoring and planning your daily routines with the companion of a friendly voice assistant device and home sensors.

The AARP recently identified isolation among older adults as a significant problem, one that costs Medicare $6.7 billion each year.

Studies have shown that it saves the Healthcare system $4, for each $1 spent to keep people in their home.

The population of seniors over 75 years old in Canada is $3 million and expected to double in the next 20 years with 10% of this population currently in health care and related institutions at a cost of over $10 billion dollars each year.

Caregiver homecare elderly Alexa Skill App

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Caregiver homecare elderly Google Assistant App

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Coming Soon!

For Myself

Never be lonely again!

Keep healthy, organized and never forget an appointment, to take a medication or to be active. With the help of home sensors and a Voice Assistant companion easily coordinate your daily healthy habits to share it with doctors, home care workers, family and friends.

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For a Loved One

Always with Peace of Mind!

Too busy or far away from Mom and Dad. Our solution with a click of a button will help you monitor and care even if you are not there. Be always aware that your loved ones are safe and prevent them from aging issues with our AI all-in one solution.

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For Organizations

Keep staff efficiency!

With the use of a tablet or mobile phone, reduce the workload of your staff by monitoring patients at a hospital, after hospital discharge, residents of a retirement home, or seniors living at home. Receive alerts when patients fall or in case of an emergency by engaging seniors residents and communities for a better quality of life.

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How it works

Patient doesn’t need a phone, only Wi-Fi and a voice device with our FREE App. A Smart TV or home sensors are optional.
Care Teams just need our mobile App.

Caregivers checking patient health


“For my mother, Alexa was a kind of companion, life-enhancing really. When I called her, I wasn’t the first ‘person’ she spoke to. I often noticed that before, when I called, even if it was four in the afternoon, her voice was cracking, like she hadn’t spoken to anyone all day.”

Sharon Cunningham, daughter
“We all know how to talk, we don’t have to be trained. It’s just easier to speak to tech than type, touch, pinch, swipe, and zoom.”

Laurie Orlov
“I like the device because it lets my daughter know that I’m OK, so she doesn’t have to call me all the time.”

Carol, 82-year-old

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